The Founders

Wolf & Miu_Our Story

Cultured creatives and explorers at heart

We are Juan Ortiz & Patricia Kuhn. From the very first day we met, we knew that the essence of Wolf & Miu has already been living in our lives, stirring intention, imagination and a mutual dream to create a brand that represents the vision and values that we both share to this day.


The Founders _ Juan Ortiz & Patricia Kuhn


The Roots

Deeply inspired by Juan’s Colombian heritage, from a country with a rich material tradition and highly skilled craftsmanship, Wolf & Miu was born. In 2014, after studying Industrial Design in Argentina, Juan returned to Colombia to establish Wolf & Miu. The brand began with Coco Collection - a limited series of products dedicated to our furry family and developed in collaboration with Colombian leather artisans.


Wolf & Miu_The roots_Coco Collection


Time to Learn

The brand gained incredible exposure in the Colombian market from the Coco collection, but it also served as a great lesson to understand that in order to build the brand’s vision, further experiences had to be gained. With this in mind, Juan returned to Argentina establishing himself as an international yacht and luxury product designer, while temporarily putting Wolf & Miu on hold.

34.9011° S, 56.1645° W

In 2019, after developing a career in sustainable tourism and remotely working as a marketing specialist while traveling the world, Patricia landed in Uruguay, a small and magical country where our paths finally crossed. From this moment on, our vision and values intertwined and the flame of Wolf & Miu was lit again. Later in Germany, Patricia's home country, we started the new project based on our shared passion for contemporary design objects, made from natural materials and ancestral craftsmanship.


Cabo Polonio_Uruguay_Photo by Wolf & Miu

Today from Barcelona, we design products that serve as an honest, true reflection of ‘simplicity will always do us good’. Complex pieces that ignite simple moments.

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