Product Care


Our ceramics masters test the clay bodies and glazes to ensure they are performing properly so they last as expected. You can feel confident the ceramics we make by hand are durable and will last in your home. The following items will help extend the life of your ceramics, so you can have them for years to come:

• Our ceramics are fired at high temperatures, so they are unalterable. Our items are made entirely of stoneware and are dishwasher proof. However, frequent dishwasher passage accelerates the aging of the pieces. For more precaution it is preferable to wash the objects with soapy water.

 When selecting a dishwashing detergent try and avoid more acidic and abrasive brands that can degrade ceramic glazes. More environmentally friendly detergents help protect your pieces.

 • Avoid using abrasive cleansers or steel wool when washing by hand.

• Our ceramics are fine to put in the microwave and refrigerator. Though try not to temperature shock ceramics by heating or cooling them rapidly. They are not ovenproof. Also do not use them on a stovetop and expose them to open flame.

• When placing them in a dishwasher, rinse them off, try not to let them touch each other where they can rub against each other. Avoiding heat drying can also help to preserve ceramic pieces. Finally some dishwashers have a gentle setting, that will also help reduce wear on our and any ceramics in general.


• For daily cleaning of your wood stand use a damp cloth or sponge with clean water, wiping down the whole surface as one. When done correctly, this procedure should help deal with any small hairline scratches, daily wear & tear, and dust build-up. Do not concentrate cleaning or wiping on small patches/areas of your stand, even if the mark/tarnish is located in one particular part of the surface. This will cause the surface to appear patchy due to uneven wiping and rubbing.

• Do not use spirits, bleaches or any other chemical cleaners to clean the wood. Any spillages should be wiped clean as quickly as possible. Once the immediate spillage is cleared, ensure that the whole surface is wiped clean.

• Products made of wood are not recommended for the dishwasher.  The high heat that dishwashers kick out are likely to warp it.

• Never soak the wood, it will likely warp them (to a certain degree, wood will act like a sponge), and will perhaps discolour them.

• Avoid direct sunlight, dry well after use and store in a dry place. Do not place near open flames.

• For the wooden lid please wipe or scrub, with warm water and a mild soap. And allow to dry thoroughly in a rack.

• Our walnut and oak stands are sealed with natural plant oils and waxes that are food safe and repel liquid stains. Avoid leaning and dragging rough surfaces on the wood, as these can create small scratches.

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