slow Production

The Process

There are no less than 30 processes to make just one piece of ceramic, and no less than 50 for the wooden stand. There an is incredible human skill to test the limits of materials and achieve the sophisticated appearance of our products. And we are so proud of working with the right people for this task.

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Collaborative Development

For every product we design, we go outside and spend months finding like-minded souls who inspire us; makers and craftspeople who are masters across various techniques and materials; learning from their wisdom and skills to support each other's work and nourish our creations. 


It is crazy to think about products as something that will be thrown away. We create products that are given time to develop into something good. The result, small production batches of handcrafted pieces that challenge techniques and the bounds of the materials. Complex products in limited numbers, made with dedication, passion and love.

Our unique collaborative development approach forges creative and fair synergies, establishing long lasting relationships through a meaningful dialogue between designers, craftspeople, and the community.

 Yes, it is not the easiest way, but we believe that it will have a positive effect on the sustainable development of many communities and support the masters in passing on their decades of experience and expertise to the next generation of makers.

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Materials & Processes

Our products are created by masters of the complex techniques of transforming natural and noble materials into beautiful and functional objects. Our materials are of natural and vegetable origin, used under environmentally responsible production processes.


Our ceramic pieces are made of different materials, from porcelain to stoneware. All of our glazes are handcrafted from scratch, in this way we control the process to make sure none of them contain lead and are completely food safe.

Responsable Supply


Our products are made of solid walnut and oak wood. The production process begins with the hand selection of each wooden plank. We work with local suppliers with the certifications that ensure that the woods come from responsibly managed forests.

Natural Finishing

All wooden products are treated with certified natural plant oils and waxes, which are not harmful to the environment and meet international standards for food safety and resistance to spills and liquid stains.

Please visit our Support section for more information on certifications & product care.

Thank you for supporting our brand!

Thanks to all of you, we can continue to make this vision a reality. Continue discovering and working with talented craftspeople and makers. Continue designing products that remind us that the best things in life can be found in the simple, sound moments. Thanks!