Simplicity will always do us good

Complex pieces to ignite simple moments.

We design, develop and sell exceptional contemporary products that cultivate connection to the simple pleasures of life. Transforming natural and noble materials into functional master pieces, each product is handcrafted with traditional craftsmanship and intricate technique.

The Coffee Maker

For the passionate, for those who savour rest, meaning, and finding the simple pleasures in life amidst the daily hustle; the Quindio Pour-Over Coffee Maker is the sweet spot for those who appreciate simplicity, space, and life’s simple joys.

Good things in life are worth the time and effort they take.

Slow Production

Time for ourselves


Collaborative Development

The Pillars

There are so many rich traditions, crafts, and makers to discover. The world is filled with remarkable talent, knowledge, and passed-down generational craft. And yet, our culture is embedded in the consumption of mass-produced products: made with materials which are harmful to our environment, whilst holding unethical labour practices. It’s through this inherent understanding that we pledge to Be Better, Together.