Unique Masterpieces

Made by local, independent, and extremely talented craftspeople, Quindio is the unique intersection of fine design, ancient craftsmanship, and coffee rituals. A collection of limited pieces to add a distinctive and sophisticated character to any space.

Double-Walled Dripper

Simple Brewing

Designed to use with standard #2 or #4 cone filters, Quindio offers a brewing process suitable for all skill levels. The dripper's double-walled design allows for greater thermal stability and heat retention for balanced, consistent extraction with every brew.

Solid Walnut & Oak Wood

Limited Pieces

The pieces of the Quindio collection are handcrafted in small batches with traditional techniques together with natural and noble materials. Each piece is unique and numbered on its solid walnut or oak stand.

Server & Lid


To share the moments over some full-bodied cups of coffee, Quindio comes with a 700ml (24oz) ceramic server, which is accompanied by a lid that helps maintain the coffee’s temperature for longer. Find it in black and white ceramic.



Discover The Quindio Coffee Maker.

Statement Pieces

Whether you like to experiment and hone your pouring skills, or enjoy the pleasure of drinking your coffee in a simple, everyday way, quindio is designed to extract a rich, consistent, full-bodied cup with every brew.