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The Simple Moments

Wolf & Miu creates contemporary design pieces made from natural materials and ancestral techniques, that inspire people to slow down and take time for themselves to connect with the simple moments of life. Each product is the result of a creative synergy, a collaborative platform between designers, makers and craftspeople, where natural and noble materials are transformed through traditional craftsmanship and intricate techniques into timeless everyday life masterpieces.


Simple Living, Stillness & Soul

How can we cultivate minimalism, meaning and magic within the daily grind? Wolf & Miu was created through the essential belief that in a world driven by newness, advancement and fast-paced everything, there is an innate longing to ground down into the soil of self and connect to our roots of nature, connect to our roots of calm, connect to our roots of simplicity because truly, simplicity will always do us good.

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Skilled Craftsmanship

We value collaboration and the expertise of craftspeople who specialize in different techniques and materials, and don’t shy away from the complexity within diverse designing and developing. Working together, our pieces are slowly produced compositions of harmony, intentionality, and creative charisma. Each of our products radiates an aura of calm and confidence, expressing the purposeful notion within every line, surface and joint. We design novelty pieces that exude skilled craftsmanship, to provide joy and purpose.


The Future

Our dream is deep-rooted in growing an organic, healthy, and impactful brand that is timeless by nature, but fitting for our time. Creating ingenious objects that awaken a sense of renewal and inspire people to slow down, and take time for themselves to connect to the simple moments in life; moments that kindle joy, peace, and restoration.

Creating pieces that arouse curiosity about materials, traditional techniques, and their impact on the environment as an alternative to our current unsustainable consumer culture.

Wolf & Miu - Walnut wood

Thank you for supporting our brand.

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