Handcrafted Ceramics

An Elevated Experience

The Quindio Mug collection are pieces of complex craftsmanship that offer a unique sensory experience. Pieces with a distinct aesthetic that are meant as everyday companions.

Handle-free Design


Heat retention is a key aspect for better flavor. The double-walled design insulates the liquid in the inner capsule, keeping beverages hot for longer while allowing to hold the mug comfortably without feeling the heat on the hands.

Experience the nuances


Like a professional tasting glass, the Mug's inner capsule (280ml / 9.5oz) is designed to capture the aroma and bring out the rich undertones of the coffee beans, allowing to unfold and taste the flavour nuances between different roasts.

Tower of colours


Thanks to the angles of its shapes, all the pieces fit stably one on top of the other so they can be stacked and stored without risk of falling.

Complex Craftsmanship

Discover the process behind these unique ceramic pieces.

Unique Character

A mug isn't just any other object. We create a bond and through them, we usually express our individuality. The Quindío Mug is a piece that will hold a special place wherever you are.