About The Brand

What does Wolf & Miu mean?

Tradition, evolution. Robust, soft. Female, male. A juxtaposition of opposites, a balance of elements. Wolf & Miu is a play on words, our way of expressing the balance in which we are inspired and by which we create.


Why is working with small producers and craftsmen so important to you?

Around the world there are an immense number of people with great talents and abilities. Artisans and makers who with their hands are capable of creating incredible, beautiful and complex pieces. Who strive to make from their skills a way to continue ancient traditions that should not be forgotten. We believe that working with them under transparent and fair agreements, which guarantee responsible labor practices, is a way to support these communities and contribute to the objectives of sustainable social development.

We work to create a future where more people will be interested and appreciate the work done by hand, and the techniques and traditions that have been inherited by countless generations. A future where curiosity about materials, production techniques and their impact on the environment will open up more space to seek solutions to our current unsustainable consumer culture.


What future do you want to help create? 

We believe in a future where we can better connect with ourselves and with others, bringing us closer to a life in harmony with ourselves and our surroundings.

We believe in a future where more and more people will disconnect from the “instantaneous responses”, where there will be less stress produced by the urge of doing, and people will be more connected to the simple moments in life that bring serenity and joy. A future where people will enjoy and be seduced by the simplicity of life. A future where we will be more connected to ourselves and to the things that really do us good.

From here, we design products reflecting on the impact they will have on people, on how they will inspire the senses and encourage a mindful living, to enjoy the moments and the time for you. 

What does your own future look like?

We want to organically grow a healthy, strong and lasting brand. A boundless brand: from home products to outdoor gear. From objects to experiences. From physical to digital. Our next goal is to bring more pieces from the Bosque Collection to our store, while we work on setting up a space where our community can come to get in touch with our design process, experience and buy our products, or just bring your notebook and work from our barista bar while sipping a specialty coffee cup.

Where can I find more information about the brand?

On our website you can find all the information you may need about Wolf & Miu. Below you will find a shortcut to some information on our ethos, values, and why we choose to create products the way we do. Follow the links to get to know us better. We hope they inspire you!

The Process - Click Here

The Founders - Click Here

The Brand - Click Here

The Pillars - Click Here

If you remain curious, feel free to reach out by email or through social media.

How can I collaborate with you?

Collaboration is a magic word. We'd love to hear what idea you have in mind and how you think we could create a joint collaboration. From a talk to share your experiences of dedication, passion and love for what you do, to the joint creation of new pieces or experiences. You can contact us to share your ideas on how you think we can collaborate together!  There is no one size fits all model when it comes to working with experts and passionate entrepreneurs, so we'll devote extra attention to your ideas and get back to you as soon as possible.


How can I contact you?

For general information about the brand, products and purchasing process, please contact us Here

For support on orders, shipping and any other topic relate to your purchase, please contact us Here

For press information, please contact us Here

If you are interested in finding collaborations, or would like to discuss a project that you think we can work together, you can contact the founders Here

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