The Pillars

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Inspired by makers and their knowledge, we collaborate and learn from craftswomen and -men all around the world, people who follow their passion, purpose, and create their own path with their hands.


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We aim to explore foreign soils to meet the makers and collaborate with craftspeople who are masters of their craft across various techniques, materials and handy know-how; learning from their wisdom and skill to essentially support their work and nourish our creations. Learn more about our Collaborative Development approach.


We believe in the idea that novelty products must live with the integration of fair agreements with the makers and craftspeople, guaranteeing responsible social labour practices. We create bonds and an honest channel between the designer, maker and user; with the fundamental goal of creating connection and community.


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Slow Production

It is crazy to think about products as something that will be thrown away. We like to think of products that will remain by your side for years, “Biographical” pieces that accumulate and tell stories. We create products that we give time to develop into something good. The result, small production batches of handcrafted pieces that challenge techniques and the bounds of the materials. Complex products in limited numbers, made with dedication, passion and love.


Wolf & Miu _ Slow Production
Thanks to all of you, we can continue to make this vision a reality. Continue discovering and working with talented craftspeople and makers. Continue designing products that remind us that the best things in life can be found in the simple, sound moments.
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